Text Message Banking

Use the convenience of text messaging to always be on top of your finances.

With Commerce Text Message Banking, you can check account balances, view transaction history and receive alerts when your balance falls below certain levels.

How to Enroll in Commerce Text Message Banking

Enrolling for text banking must be done through your Commerce Online Banking site.

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Select Options > Mobile Settings > Text Mobile Settings.
  3. Check box to enable text access for your mobile device.
  4. Enter mobile phone number, select mobile provider, select accounts to access via text, and create Mobile Short Name for each selected account.
  5. Click Submit

Text Commands

Bal = Returns balance for all enrolled accounts

Bal [Mobile Short Name] = Returns balance for specified account

Hist = Returns last 4 transactions for all enrolled accounts

Hist [Mobile Short Name] = Returns last 4 transactions for specified account

Help = Returns command references

Stop = Disables enrollment for Text Mobile Banking


Mobile Text Basics

No. Enrollment for Mobile Text must be done through the Commerce Online Banking site.

During the enrollment process you designate a mobile short name for each enrolled account. This short name must be included in the text request to get specific account information.

Un-enrollment can be accomplished one of two ways. You can log in to your Commerce Online Banking site and de-select the enroll option or you can text STOP to 89549.

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