Commerce Bank named the 38th Healthiest FDIC-insured Bank in the United States in 2019

Commerce Bank achieved an incredible “A+” health rating in the 2019 financial health study, making it one of the healthiest banks in the United States. Commerce Bank was ranked 38th out of 5,267 FDIC-insured US banks analyzed by the DepositAccounts team. 

The FDIC and NCUA maintain independent lists of banks and credit unions across the nation. Both federally insured organizations publish the raw financial numbers for each banking institution every quarter. Using different formulas with this data, it is possible to determine the financial health of banks and credit unions. DepositAccounts assesses the financial health of all federally insured banks and credit unions in the U.S. by using a proprietary formula containing key components such as Texas Ratio, Deposit Growth, and Capitalization.

“We’re extremely proud of the ‘Healthiest Bank’ distinction we’ve earned,” said Luke Yaeger, President & CEO of Commerce Bank, “Being ranked in the top 7% of all banks in the United States is a testament to all of our banking team and our collective commitment to this community.”

“DepositAccounts congratulates the Commerce Bank on such an outstanding distinction and vote of confidence for how well the institution is being managed and run,” said Senior Content Manager, Christopher Trum, “Congratulations to Luke, his team, and the Commerce customers on this impressive achievement!”

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About Commerce Bank

Commerce Bank is a locally owned and managed commercial bank with its headquarters located at 320 Eagle Crest Drive, Evansville, Indiana 47715. The directors and management of Commerce Bank are focused on providing traditional ‘hometown’ community bank services. Commerce Bank emphasizes building personalized long-term financial relationships with individuals and small businesses that value the availability of working with experienced, local decision makers. For more information please feel call (812) 492-1800 or visit