Genie Stamper

Commerce Bank Adds New Business Development Officer

Commerce Bank is proud to introduce Genie Stamper as one of its new Business Development Officers. She has nearly 20 years of banking experience with various banks across the country. Her principal duties include establishing and achieving sales targets as well as analyzing and promoting various banking services to customers.

“I love working with businesses to help uncover their financial needs and to develop a strategy for the company’s overall cash flow.  I enjoy advising businesses on their cash management concerns, which helps them with the speed of collections on receivables and efficiency of operations. I work closely with business account holders through the installation of our banks’ cash management products and take pride in providing the best quality service,” Genie said.

Genie was raised in Western Kentucky and has lived in Southern Indiana for about 8 years. She has been married to John for 27 years. Together, they started the nonprofit organization ‘Student Outdoor Experience’ that teaches leadership to middle school and high school students using the backdrop of hunting and shooting sports 13 years ago. They have two children, Shelby and Jackson.